STI Testing

If you are sexually active, annual sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing is a good health practice.

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STI Testing Appointments

Because sexually transmitted infections (STIs) do not always cause symptoms, you should consider STI testing as a regular part of your preventative health care. Even though there may be no symptoms, STIs can have a lifelong impact. STI testing is available in our women’s health, transgender health, and primary care clinics.

You can make an appointment with a provider to determine which STI tests are right for you. You can also ask your provider about STI testing during any healthcare appointment.

You can schedule an appointment online using the MyBoynton patient portal (currently unavailable) or by calling 612-625-3222.

Drop-in, or Mail-out STI Testing

Drop-in testing is currently not available.

Mail-out STI testing offers you a quick, convenient way to be tested for the two most common STIs—chlamydia and gonorrhea—without having to make an appointment.

If you have symptoms of an STI, or if you have concerns about oral or anal chlamydia and gonorrhea, it is best to schedule an appointment with a health care provider by calling 612-625-3222.

Mail-out Testing Process:

  1. Request a test kit to be sent to you in the mail by calling 612-625-3222.
  2. Follow the test kit instructions.
  3. Call the phone number in your test kit to arrange bringing your sample to Boynton.

You will receive your results via the MyBoynton patient portal in about one week.

Drop-in Testing Process:

Drop-in testing is currently not available.

  1. Check in at the East Bank Clinic front desk.
  2. Go to the lab.
  3. Get tested.

You will receive your results via the MyBoynton patient portal in about one week.


Call our Nurse Line at 612-625-7900 if you do not know what type of clinic you need. Calls answered 24/7.


How much will my visit cost?

It depends on your health insurance and whether you pay the Student Services Fee.

A co-payment at the time of your visit may apply. Any remaining costs for your care may be billed to you at a later time. Amounts vary by insurance plan. Consult your insurance card, or contact your health insurance provider for details.

With some exceptions, students who pay the Student Services Fee receive most services at Boynton at reduced cost. See details about the Student Services Fee.

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