Boynton Health's Nutritious U Food Pantry

How to Contact Us

Natalie Gerkin, Pantry Coordinator
Karin Onarheim, Advisor

Boynton Health’s Nutritious U Food Pantry provides fresh and healthy food to students who struggle to get enough to eat.

About Boynton Health’s Nutritious U Food Pantry

Boynton Health's Food Pantry is open the last week of every month during the semester (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), from 12-6 pm on the 1st floor of Memorial Union (Room 103A), across the lounge from the theater.

Any student can visit the food pantry, no proof of need is required.

Students choose from available foods items when they show up. 

Fall semester 2022 dates:

* Th 9/8 (opening day)
* Tu 9/27, Wed 9/28, Th 9/29
* Tu 10/25, Wed 10/26, Th 10/27
* Tu 11/29, Wed 11/30, Th 12/1
* Tu 12/13, Wed 12/14, Th 12/15

About the Food

The Food Group, a local food bank, offers Nutritious U extremely discounted prices for fresh, wholesome food items. Student volunteers stock the pantry shelves with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins.

Support U Students

Nearly one in five University of Minnesota Twin Cities students worry whether they will run out of food before they have money to buy more, or have run out of food in the past year. When you support Boynton Health’s Nutritious U, you help students struggling to get enough fresh, healthy food.

Please consider a gift of any amount to Boynton Health’s Nutritious U Food Pantry through the University of Minnesota Foundation.