Boynton Health's PAWS

Boynton Health's PAWS (Pet Away Worry & Stress) sessions feature registered therapy animal teams—including dogs, bunnies, cats, chickens and other therapy animals as available.

Sessions are FREE and open to the University of Minnesota community.

At this time, special PAWS events (called PAWS+) are not available. Please check back in the Spring.

Boynton Health's PAWS Schedule


You can sync the Boynton Health's PAWS Google calendar below to your calendar so you always know when and where Boynton Health's PAWS is happening, as well as when animal teams like bunnies and cats are attending.

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About PAWS

For many young adults, entering college involves being away from home, family, friends, familiar surrounds and often means saying goodbye to their own pets. Boynton Health provides Animal-Assisted Interactions (AAI) with registered therapy animals through the Boynton Health's PAWS program. Boynton Health's PAWS is part of the University’s initiative to support student mental health, and each session is staffed by a licensed clinical social worker. Boynton Health's PAWS is a safe, welcoming, and fun setting, and students are invited to attend Boynton Health's PAWS as often as they can throughout the school year to interact with the therapy animals and their handlers.


  • When did Boynton Health's PAWS begin? PAWS held its first session on November 13, 2013 and has grown from once a week to a program that is four days a week during the academic year plus some special sessions in the evenings and summer.
  • How many teams are in Boynton Health'sPAWS? Boynton Health's PAWS has approximately 100 human-animal teams who volunteer their time at UMN.
  • Can any animal work in the Boynton Health's PAWS program? The animals that come to PAWS are all domestic animals, and young animals like puppies and kittens, wildlife, or reptiles are not part of the PAWS program as these species do not fit national best practices ( for AAI programs.
  • What makes the Boynton Health's PAWS animals special? All animals in the Boynton Health's PAWS program are registered therapy animals which means they, along with their human partner, have completed training, testing, and in-person evaluation to work in public settings – like the University – and support human well-being.
  • Are the animals in Boynton Health's PAWS also service animals? The animals in Boynton Health's PAWS are not service animals, emotional support animals (ESAs), or available for adoption.  

Get Involved with PAWS

Boynton Health's PAWS is always open to new teams joining the program! Orientation sessions are typically held in the fall and in the spring. Please email Tanya Bailey for more information at

PAWS Contact Info

Questions about Boynton Health's PAWS? Contact Tanya Bailey, Boynton Health's PAWS Coordinator at