Compliance and Quality Assurance

What is Compliance?

The definition of compliance is “the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.” In other words, if an authoritative body (Executive Leadership) sets some rules to abide by, the staff and organization need to stick to them when interacting with patients and visitors. It has to be made according to an order, set of rules, or request.

Compliance and quality go hand in hand. One simply cannot go without the other when we strive to provide the best service and care possible. Every single one of us plays a role in both compliance and quality every day we show up for work every time we interact with our patients, their friends and families, vendors, and our colleagues.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) is defined as “the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.” What that means is the process of ensuring an organization’s quality standards are being met. This involves the patient engagement process being monitored to make sure everything is carried out how it should be to ensure the highest quality of patient experience. There might be tests, assessments, and observations made to improve the quality through that process meaning a better standard is being strived for.

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Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award Finalist

AAAHC recognizes exemplary Quality Improvement Studies annually through its Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award program. Boynton Health was selected as a finalist for the 2021-2022 award in Primary Care.