Boynton offers both in-clinic and video telehealth appointments.

Video Telehealth and In-clinic Appointments

At this time, we are scheduling both in-clinic and video telehealth appointments.

Video Telehealth Appointments

These are online visits with health care providers using secure audio/visual communications (University Health Care Component Zoom). If it is determined during your telehealth appointment that you need to be seen in person, we will direct you to the appropriate care. All mental health appointments are telehealth appointments at this time.

What to expect with a telehealth appointment.

Video Telehealth availability:

  • Minnesota

  • Wisconsin

  • North Dakota: Dr. Bruce Anderson

  • Illinois: Dr. Saghar Shafizadeh

  • New York: Dr. Aimee Pearce

In-clinic Appointments

We can see you in-clinic for most appointments, including well-visits, and especially appointments that would otherwise be difficult to conduct via telehealth (eye concerns, ear discomfort, some skin conditions, genital/vaginal concerns).

You can schedule by phone call (612-625-3222).


What to expect with an in-clinic appointment.

If your health care concern is urgent, call our nurse line for guidance, 612-625-7900.

Use Our Online Screening Tool Before Entering Boynton Health

Before entering Boynton, everyone must answer screening questions for COVID symptoms by using our online pre-appointment screening tool.

To Schedule Appointment by Phone

East Bank Clinic

Appointments (for all clinics except those listed below) 612-625-3222
Dental Clinic 612-624-9998
Eye Clinic 612-624-2134
Mental Health Clinic 612-624-1444

St. Paul Clinic

Appointments 612-625-8400

To Schedule Appointments Online

At this time, online appointment scheduling is only available for certain types of appointments using the MyBoynton Patient Portal.


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring your insurance card, or a photocopy of both sides of your insurance card and the policy holder/subscriber's name and date of birth.

How much will my visit cost?

It depends on your health insurance and whether you pay the Student Services Fee.

A co-payment at the time of your visit may apply. Any remaining costs for your care may be billed to you at a later time. Amounts vary by insurance plan. Consult your insurance card, or contact your health insurance provider for details.

With some exceptions, students who pay the Student Services Fee receive most services at Boynton at reduced cost. See details about the Student Services Fee.

Still have questions?

Contact us at or 612-625-8400.