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Marketing & Communications

Boynton Health’s Marketing and Communications team strives to inform and connect students to their best and most affordable college healthcare provider Boynton Health, through brand awareness, internal University communication, storytelling, and brand protection.

Our Purpose

The Marketing and Communications team tells the story of Boynton Health by highlighting the achievements of the clinic, connecting students to its services and by spotlighting the clinics exceptional care of patients.

The team is responsible for the support of Boynton Health’s strategic goals. 

The Marketing and Communications team ensures cohesive use of the brand guidelines for all Boynton Health communications, marketing and promotional items.

Our Experts

Boynton Health experts are available to provide context and commentary on a variety of topics. 

In the event of media requests, the Marketing and Communications team will communicate and relay all interview requests based on the areas of expertise which can provide the most relevant context.

Email [email protected] for all media requests.