Marketing & Communications

Boynton Health’s marketing and communications (MarComm) team strives to take healthcare to the students of the University of Minnesota, through brand awareness, storytelling, and brand protection.

MarComm Strategic Plan At Glance


The mission of Boynton Health’s Department of Marketing & Communications is to bring healthcare to University of Minnesota Twin Cities students.

The vision is to make Boynton Health a household name in Twin Cities healthcare.


Our Purpose

The Marketing & Communications (MarComm) Team tells the story of Boynton Health by highlighting the achievements of the clinic and its staff and exceptional care of patients.

The MarComm Team shares important healthcare and public health information with the Twin Cities campus community through the The Pulse e-newsletter and Student Health Emails, and provides a wide range of editorial support for Boynton Health.

The team is responsible for the online advancement and support of Boynton Health’s goals, and The Office for Student Affairs and the President’s strategic initiatives. We work to deliver an industry-leading website and award-winning multimedia content by identifying and implementing emerging trends and technologies.

The MarComm team ensures cohesive use of the brand guidelines and brand identity, including trademarks and logos, for all Boynton Health communications, marketing and promotional items.

Our Goals

  • Building connections between the healthcare and student success.
  • Enhancing the image, reputation and visibility of Boynton Health.
  • Fostering public awareness, understanding, trust and appreciation of the Boynton Health.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Creativity
  • Having Fun!

Our Experts

The Department of Marketing and Communications’ comprehensive list of experts are able to provide subject matter content to the media. In the event of a local/regional/national media requests the MarCommTeam will navigate interviews based on the areas of expertise, expert’s insight and knowledge that can help to localize the issue.

Boynton Health’s experts are available to provide context and commentary on a variety of topics. You can search by name or by topic to identify the most appropriate expert for your story.

Email [email protected] for all media requests.