Student Nutrition Advocacy Collaborative (SNAC)

Are you interested in learning how to build healthy habits in college? Do you want to learn how to grocery shop on a budget? Are you confused by all the nutrition advice out there? Come talk to us! SNAC is a group of junior, senior, and graduate nutrition students that are here to answer your questions and provide practical, accurate nutrition information to help students eat healthy—even on a budget.

SNAC: Student Nutrition Advocacy Collaborative

How to Contact Us

Sign up for a Nutrition Check-up

During this one-on-one meeting with a nutrition peer educator, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss health and wellness challenges you are facing. SNAC educators are trained to address issues pertaining to increasing energy, meal planning, and fueling for activity. Before your appointment you’ll complete a 24-hour recall, at your one-on-one meeting you’ll discuss what a typical day looks like and how that compares to recommendations. Then you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your nutrition concerns. At the end of the appointment, you’ll be able to set a goal with the new information you’ve gained to help you achieve your desired health outcomes. 

Nutrition Check-ups are offered in-person at Boynton Health and virtually via Zoom.

Schedule a nutrition check-up.