Student Nutrition Advocacy Collaborative (SNAC)

Do you grab fast food on the way to class? Fill your freezer with boxed meals because you don’t have time to cook? Talk to us. We’ll show you ways to eat healthy—even on a student budget. SNAC is a group of junior, senior and graduate nutrition students. We know food, we love food. Let’s talk.

SNAC: Student Nutrition Advocacy Collaborative

How to Contact Us
Rebecca Leighton, SNAC advisor

Sign up for a nutrition check-up

We’ll talk about what you eat, and analyze your body composition. And we’ll look at how you can make healthy eating a part of your campus life.
Check-ups last about 45 minutes at Boynton’s East Bank clinic, room N-211
Complete this 24-hour food record before your appointment.

Schedule a nutrition check-up.

Navigate the grocery store aisles

Do you cruise past the produce section and head straight for the snacks? Let us walk the aisles with you. We’ve got tips for healthy shopping.

Request a tour at

Request a Speaker

We’d love to speak to your campus group—large or small. We’re happy to suggest topics, or speak on one you already have in mind. Popular topics include general nutrition, eating disorders, and sports medicine.

To request a SNAC speaker, email Include your name, telephone number, date, time and place of event and some info about your audience.