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Boynton Health Nutrition develops and promotes dietary guidance and nutritional recommendations aimed at improving the health and well-being of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

Boynton Health offers nutrition services for students, faculty and staff. Meet with a registered dietitian nutritionist for help setting goals to maintain a healthy diet.

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Eating Disorders

Boynton Health does not treat patients with eating disorders. We do however offer eating disorder referral services.

Frequent questions

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How much will my visit cost?

  • It depends on your health insurance and whether you pay the Student Services Fee.
  • A co-payment at the time of your visit may apply. Any remaining costs for your care may be billed to you at a later time. Amounts vary by insurance plan. Consult your insurance card, or contact your health insurance provider for details.
  • With some exceptions, students who pay the Student Services Fee receive most services at Boynton at reduced cost. See details about the Student Services Fee.

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