Primary Care

Boynton Health Primary Care is your first stop for most health questions and concerns. We specialize in college health. Our primary care professionals address physical and emotional issues, acute and chronic conditions, sexual health, mental health, minor surgical procedures, as well as providing  wellness, prevention, and health maintenance services.

We offer same-day, in-person visits with our medical providers. We have an onsite lab, x-ray, and pharmacy at our East Bank clinic. We also have a smaller St. Paul location for your primary care needs. 

How to Schedule an Appointment

Schedule online through our patient portal or call us at the numbers to the left. If you have questions or an urgent health problem, call our Nurse line at 612-625-7900.

  • East Bank Appointments | 612-625-3222
  • St. Paul Appointments | 612-624-7700


 Boynton Health East Bank

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Frequent questions

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How much will my visit cost?

It depends on your health insurance and whether you pay the Student Services Fee.

A co-payment at the time of your visit may apply. Any remaining costs for your care may be billed to you at a later time. Amounts vary by insurance plan. Consult your insurance card, or contact your health insurance provider for details.

With some exceptions, students who pay the Student Services Fee receive most services at Boynton at reduced cost. See details about the Student Services Fee.

Can I bring laboratory orders ordered by my doctors to Boynton Laboratory to have my blood drawn?

Yes, as long as a Boynton provider placed a referral to your outside consultant.

Can my doctors fax my lab orders to Boynton and have my blood drawn at Boynton Laboratory?

It depends! If a Boynton provider placed a referral to your outside consultant, then yes, that doctor can send orders back to Boynton for you to have your blood drawn here.

If the orders come from a doctor Boynton didn't refer you to, then no, they are not able to order labs through Boynton. In that situation please make an appointment with one of our providers and bring the orders. Providers will assess and place the orders for you to be drawn at Boynton Laboratory.


Still have questions? Contact us.

Still have questions?

Contact us at [email protected] or 612-625-8400.