Solution Focused Therapy

Short-term, brief therapy is now available at Boynton Health.

Solution Focused Therapy (SoFT)

The SoFT program addresses immediate stressors that can be managed in 3-4 sessions, focusing on learning, taking actions, and holding yourself accountable for your well-being. SoFT can also offer a safe confidential space where you can process your emotions over recent stressors.  

SoFT has multiple focus areas:

  • General well-being.
  • Healthy sleep.

Sleep SoFT

Sleep SoFT helps students learn ways to achieve restful sleep in 3-4 sessions. 

To explore if this is a good option for you, please contact Boynton Mental Health Clinic and ask about SoFT when you have a brief consultation.

Your First SoFT Appointment

At your appointment, you will complete intake forms and meet with a Brief Consultation specialist. The therapist will assess to see if SoFT is a good fit, then schedule your next appointment with the most appropriate service for your needs.

To schedule an appointment call the clinic during regular business hours:


What You Need to Know about SoFT

  • All meetings are private and confidential with a licensed therapist.
  • The first SoFT appointment is a more structured Q & A session to better understand your concerns.
  • This model offers both active skills-based training sessions and processing sessions that are alternatives to the individual and group therapy modalities at Boynton Health.
  • You may transition to individual therapy at any time if it is deemed appropriate for your care.

Some Things to Consider

This model of therapy is designed for individuals dealing with distressing life issues. It is not appropriate for students with ongoing safety issues or with chronic mental health concerns.

For Urgent Mental Health Care: 

If you are experiencing a crisis that requires immediate attention, call our urgent care counselor 612-625-8475 during business hours. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. Crisis line counselors are available 24/7. Call 612-301-4673, or text "UMN" to 61222.