COVID-19 Testing

Testing is available at the following locations: 


Boynton Health East Bank (check in at registration on second floor): Monday-Friday 8:30-4


St. Paul Student Center (Room 110): Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30


Results will be in your MyBoynton Patient Portal. The lab result itself will be in the Medical Records section under ‘Labs’, but you will also receive a notice in the Messages section with further instructions depending on the result.


***Free antigen tests are available to be picked up at the Boynton Health Information Desk, Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Free COVID-19 antigen tests are for people with symptoms, exposure to COVID-19, or individuals concerned about COVID-19 exposure.

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Who Can Be Tested through Boynton?

COVID-19 testing throughBoynton is available to all University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff systemwide. 

Schedule a COVID-19 Test

To schedule a COVID-19 through M Test, schedule online using the MyBoynton Patient Portal.

If you are unable to log in to the portal please call 612-625-3222.

About MTest COVID-19 Testing Appointments

Boynton Health offers COVID-19 testing by appointment only to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff systemwide. Testing is done within a secured area of the Recreation and Wellness Center (RecWell). Limited hours available for testing at the St. Paul Clinic in Coffey Hall as well. 

Please be aware:

  • COVID-19 testing appointments are billed to your insurance.There will be no out of pocket costs for your COVID test.
  • These appointments are for COVID-19 testing only. If you have other medical needs, or if you have severe symptoms and need to be evaluated by a medical provider, call 612-625-3222.

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Testing Procedure

  • RecWell site: Do not enter RecWell's main entrance. Follow signage and enter the set of doors just left of the main entrance of RecWell.  
  • St. Paul site:  Go to the St. Paul Student Center, Room 110. 
  • Wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Follow COVID-19 testing signs and blue arrows upon arrival.
  • Respect 6-feet social distancing from those around you inside the testing area.
  • When you are directed to a testing station, clinic staff will swab your nose and/or throat for the test. It will be slightly uncomfortable and may cause some nasal irritation, sneezing, or eye-watering. Rarely, it can cause mild nose bleeding or a gag reflex.

After the test

  • You should isolate yourself at home until results are known to reduce possible spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • You will receive results on your MyBoynton Patient Portal in 1-3 business days. Please note: we cannot guarantee specific turnaround times for travel.
  • We are required to share this information with state and local health departments, and they may also contact you to do thorough contact tracing and testing for people with whom you have had contact.
  • If you have been exposed and your test is negative, you do not need to quarantine, but should wear a mask around those who may be more at risk.  Please follow MDH’s Close Contacts and Quarantine guidelines.

Questions regarding COVID-19 Testing at MTest

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About scheduling the test

How do I schedule a test?

See above - please schedule through your Patient Portal or by calling 612-625-3222.

What is on the Clinical Questionnaire? Why do I need to fill it out?

We ask that you complete the Clinical Questionnaire in your Patient Portal (available after scheduling a COVID-19 test).  It will ask questions such as: date of exposure, symptoms you have and the start date, need for an interpreter, your living situation, vaccine dates, and any specific travel documentation needs. Not only will it help us to understand more about your reason for the test, it includes the required information we need if your test is positive.

How much does it cost? 

Charges are submitted to your insurance similar to all tests done at Boynton.

If you are a UMN student paying the Student Service Fee or have the Medica U plan, there will be no out of pocket cost to you.

About the test we perform

Is this an antigen or PCR test?

The tests we use are PCR tests. 

Is the sample a nasal swab or saliva?

It is a Nasal swab test, but a nasopharyngeal swab can be requested if required for official requirements.

About the results

When will I get my results?

Approximately 1-3 business days after taking the test. Please note: we cannot guarantee specific turnaround times for travel.

How do I get my test results?

Your results will be in your MyBoynton Patient Portal. The lab result itself will be in the Medical Records section under ‘Labs’, but you will also receive a notice in the Messages section with further instructions depending on the result. 

Can I get a QR code of my test result?

No, we are unable to provide a QR code to your result at this time. 

How do I print my test result?

You can print the lab itself by going to the Medical Records area of your portal, then click on the 'Labs' tab. You can then click on 'View report' and print that window. These instructions will also be in your test result message.

Can I get a printed, signed copy of my test result?

Yes, please respond to your test result message with your needs. Be prepared to pick up the paper copy of the message at the Boynton Mpls East Bank clinic and show your ID. 

Who can I talk to with questions about my result?

Please send a secure message to the Medical Information Nurse from the Messages area of your MyBoynton Patient Portal, or call the Nurse line at 612-625-7900.

If I get a positive test result, should I repeat my PCR test to see when I can leave isolation? 

No, PCR tests can remain positive for up to 90 days. If you would like to test after your first days of isolation, you can take an antigen test, which better reflects active, contagious virus. CDC summary of guidance.