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What do I need to fill my prescription?

  • Prescription insurance card
  • Government-issued ID for picking up controlled substances
  • Form of payment to cover cost of medication or insurance co-payment

How will I know my prescription is ready?

Receive “Rx Ready” notifications with our RxLocal app or the RxLocal patient portal. Or, request text or email notifications.

Why should I sign up for the RxLocal app?

In the app, you can order refills, get notified when your prescription is ready, message the pharmacy, set reminders to take your medications and view your list of prescription medications.

Note: You will need an active 7-digit prescription number from Boynton Pharmacy available to register for the patient portal and app.

Download Rx Local on the App Store | Download Rx Local on Google Play

What are my pickup options?

  • Pharmacy pickup: stop by after you receive an “Rx Ready” notification.
  • Mailing: depending on your insurance, we may be able to mail to you within Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call ahead to arrange. Mailing fees ($5 - $8) apply due to documentation required and increased shipping costs.

Where should my provider send my prescriptions?

Prescribers can e-prescribe to:

Boynton Health Pharmacy

410 Church St SE N300

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 624-7655

Still have questions? Contact us.

Contact us at 612-624-7655. Current patients can message us via the RxLocal app or text us at 763-951-1426. Questions answered during business hours.