Boynton Health's Daniel Arzola to Present at Skoll World Forum

April 2, 2024

Daniel Arzola, Senior Graphic Designer at Boynton Health presents at the Skoll World Forum this April.

Daniel Arzola, the Senior Graphic Designer in Boynton Health’s Marketing and Communication department, has been invited to speak at the Skoll World Forum, which will be held at the University of Oxford, England, in April. 

The Skoll World Forum accelerates solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, driving progress by bringing together leading social innovators with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, connection, and collective action. Over 1,400 curated participants from more than 100 countries will gather to share ideas and lessons, seed connections, and achieve ambitious goals with other social innovators, funders, and key stakeholders. The Forum community comprises representatives from the public and private sectors, media, academia, activism, the arts, and beyond. This year’s speakers include Amal and George Clooney, The Rt. Honorable Dame Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (2017-2023), and Mary Robinson, Chair, The Elders; Former President of Ireland. 

Daniel will discuss Artivism, art's role, and its democratic function in authoritarian societies. Their session will explore how artists and art movement builders contribute to social change by provoking thought, challenging cultural norms, and helping us see ourselves, each other, and the world through different lenses. 

While finishing art school in 2013, Arzola created the first LGBTQ+ graphic campaign to appear and be discussed in the media in Venezuela. The project is titled #NoSoyTuChiste (I am not a Joke) and continues to be exhibited publicly in various cities internationally. Since then, Arzola has continued to acquire praise for their work in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Congratulations, Daniel! You can find Daniel’s work online via Google, their website, or Instagram. Virtual participation at the Skoll World Forum is free and open to all. Registration closes on April 8.

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Boynton Health's Gender Care was recently featured in Lavender Magazine, a Minnesota-based LGBQIA+ publication.