Health Advocates

Health Advocates are students who live in campus residence halls, apartments and fraternity and sorority houses. They help fellow students with health questions and concerns. They can connect you with campus resources and provide health items like cough drops or condoms.

Health Advocates

How to Contact Us
Julie Sanem, Health Advocate advisor

    What are Health Advocates?

    Health Advocates are students living in residence halls, apartments, and Greek chapter houses who are trained to help you with common health questions and concerns.

    What do Health Advocates do?

    Health Advocates will confidentially listen to your health concerns and provide items like cold medicine, safer sex supplies, pain relievers, cough syrup, and band aids. They can also connect you with relevant campus health resources.

    How can I contact my Health Advocate?

    Fill out the confidential form at and your Health Advocate will follow up with you shortly.

    Benefits to becoming an HA

    • First Aid and CPR certification
    • Earn two credits each semester through the School of Public Health.
    • Gain leadership experience
    • Enhance resume or graduate school application
    • Learn about college student health issues
    • Be an agent of change in the lives of fellow students


    Where do Health Advocates live?

    17th Avenue Hall
    Bailey Hall
    Centennial Hall
    Comstock Hall
    Frontier Hall
    Middlebrook Hall
    Sanford Hall
    Territorial Hall
    Wilkins Hall
    Yudof Hall
    Argyle House
    Dinnaken House
    University Village

    Most fraternity and sorority houses also have Health Advocates. 

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