Absence Notes

The University of Minnesota recognizes that there are a variety of legitimate circumstances in which students will miss coursework, and that accommodations for makeup work will be made.

Boynton Health Does Not Provide Absence Notes

If a student is unable to attend class due to illness, they should contact their instructor immediately via email, phone, or in person. If verification is requested, please see the University’s Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences policy and the Self-Reporting of Medical Absence form.

How to Report a Single Absence

  • For absences related to a routine illness (such as a cold, flu, etc.) or injury, students should correspond directly with faculty members/instructors as soon as possible regarding their situation.
  • When possible, this should be done before a class, exam, or other activity is missed.

Multiple Absences

An instructor may request verification of the medical absence under the Make-up Work for Legitimate Absence Policy. In these cases, the student should use the Self-Reporting of Medical Absence from Class form that can be electronically signed and sent to the instructor.