Reiko Hirai, PhD, LP

Reiko Hirai
MA, Clinical Psychology, Columbia University
PhD, Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota
About Me

My therapeutic work integrates a developmental, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based approach. I value the collaborative process of creating goals and working toward them with my students. I will assist you in fostering compassion toward yourself and others, your understanding of the current stressor, and awareness of how you might be able to make a meaningful change. I am committed to offering interventions informed by current empirical evidence.

Prior to joining in Boynton, I have worked in university counseling centers as well as community settings, offering psychotherapy to university students, refugees, third culture kids, ex-pats, and couples; addressing a range of issues such as academic stress, anxiety, depression, aftermath of trauma, and interpersonal issues.

I moved to Minnesota in 2002 as an international student from Japan. I worked in Japan between 2015 and 2017, and returned to Minnesota in 2017.

Licensed Psychologist