Free Condoms and Other Safer Sex Supplies

Boynton Health distributes a variety of safer sex supplies—condoms, dental dams and lubricants—at no out-of-pocket cost to students.

We Have Free, Safer Sex Supplies in Lots of Places

Where can you can get free condoms and other safer sex supplies from Boynton?

  • In the SHADE office at Boynton's East Bank Clinic in Room 208 (during office hours). This is where you’ll find the largest variety of safer sex supplies: condoms in a variety of brands, sizes, colors, materials and styles, also lubricants and dental dams.
  • At the SHADE table when they are in Coffman Union and at other events.
  • From Health Advocates living in University housing—residence halls, apartments and Greek houses—they have condoms, lube and dental dams.
  • In waiting rooms in Boynton's East Bank and St. Paul clinics there are baskets full of condoms, and some exam rooms have condom dispensers on the wall—feel free to take some.
  • At your next medical appointment at Boynton. Just fill out a request form in the waiting room and give it to your medical provider in the exam room. You’ll receive your free supplies in a discreet bag, no questions asked.
  • In Boynton's Pharmacy. Fill out a request form and give it to the cashier. You’ll receive your free supplies in a discreet bag, no questions asked.

Email us at to learn more about having safer sex supplies at your student center.

How to Get Free Condoms in SHADE Office
How to pick up free safer sex kits at Boynton's Pharmacy