Health Advocates Residences

Health Advocates (HAs)  live in University of Minnesota residence halls and some near-campus apartment buildings.

Residences and Apartments with Health Advocates

Residence HAs
Residence Name
17th Ave. Hall Kevin Sun
17th Ave. Hall Londan Beckman
412 Lofts Tiffany Dinh
412 Lofts Parker Jones
Argyle House Anna Park
Argyle House Sandy Zhang
Centennial / Pioneer Hall Jayda Goldschmidt
Centennial/ Pioneer Hall Keelan Syck

Centennial/ Pioneer Hall

Lauren Ecklund

Centennial/ Pioneer Hall

Mai Xue Xiong
Centennial/ Pioneer Hall Remy Buchholtz
Centennial/ Pioneer Hall Simon Ky
Comstock Hall  Barret Seeley
Comstock Hall  Maddle Allen
Comstock Hall  Maia Bowmman
Comstock Hall  Murad Aslam
Frontier/ Territorial Hall Greta Moseng
Frontier/ Territorial Hall Lucy Greenhagen
Frontier/ Territorial Hall Trina Nguyen
Frontier/ Territorial Hall Tori Stehr
Middlebrook Hall Avery Lisiak
Middlebrook Hall Fatuma Arab
Middlebrook Hall Sruthi Subramanian
Middlebrook Hall Zoe Quiney
Radius Bailey Newell
Radius Glori Campos
Radius Jessica Jorgenson
Radius Kendra Egwim
Sandford/ Wilkins Hall Abigail Yarbrough
Sandford/ Wilkins Hall Khidhr Kotaria
Sandford/ Wilkins Hall Sarah Dawley
The Marshall Jordan Heruth
University Village Madeline Kotz
Yudof Hall Ally Ballard
Yudof Hall Ariella Awudu
Yudof Hall Aurora Awudu
Yudof Hall Sara Kunesh
Yudof Hall Talia McCorquodale

*Note: No Health Advocates live in Bailey Hall but Health Advocates are available to respond to requests from students living in Bailey Hall.

Fill out the confidential form at and your Health Advocate will follow up with you shortly.