Nutrition Check-ups

Talk to a Boynton student peer educator about your nutrition!

FREE Nutrition Check-ups

Explore your current nutritional habits through a review of your 24-hour food record, completion of a body composition analysis test, and together establish and review your nutrition goals.

Your nutrition check-up will last 45 minutes. Prior to your nutrition check-up, you will need to print and fill out a 24-Hour Food Record Form.

Check-ups include:

  • Assessment of your personal nutrition goals (such as increased energy, weight management, balanced diet)
  • Setting of client driven goals, objectives and expected outcomes
  • Explore and resolve mixed feelings about achieving healthy lifestyle changes
  • Healthy eating and meal planning resources and guidance available (portion size, frequency, and meal times)
  • Body Composition Analysis utilizing TANITA BF-350 scale (optional)
  • Dietary analysis using professional software (optional)

Nutrition check-ups are sponsored by SNAC and are free to student services fee paying students. All nutrition check-ups will be held in the SNAC office, Room N-211 at Boynton Health, 410 St. S.E., Minneapolis MN 55455.

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