Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education (SHADE)

Do you have questions about sex? Sexual relationships? Birth control? Ask us. Our trained student coordinators offer tons of resources for good sexual health. Get to know us. Learn how to make your sexual relationships positive, healthy and safe.

SHADE: Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education

How to Contact Us
Kate Elwell, SHADE advisor


The SHADE program has been a trusted source for sexual health resources and information at the University of Minnesota since 1992.

We promote inclusive, medically-accurate, and comprehensive sexual health education. We also provide access to safer-sex supplies so students can make the best sexual health decisions for themselves.

Location & Office Hours

East Bank Clinic
Room 208
410 Church St S.E.
Office Hours
None until further notice


Does Boynton offer STI testing?

Yes, you can be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) at Boynton. STI testing options.  

Does Boynton offer HIV testing?

Yes. You can make an appointment for HIV testing at Boynton.

Still have questions?

Contact us at or 612-625-5917.