Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education (SHADE)

Do you have questions about sex? Sexual relationships? Birth control? Ask us. Our trained student coordinators offer tons of resources for good sexual health. Get to know us. Learn how to make your sexual relationships positive, healthy and safe.

SHADE: Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education

How to Contact Us
Kate Elwell, SHADE advisor

HIV testing

Do you prefer talking with a peer? Schedule a free appointment for a confidential peer HIV test. Appointments last 45 minutes, and test results won’t appear on any medical record.

Peer appointments are not available during the summer.

Do you prefer being seen by a medical provider? Schedule a provider HIV test. Choose Primary Care or the Women’s Health. Results will be part of your Boynton Health medical record, and will not be released without your permission. We bill your insurance provider, and usually there will be no cost to you.

Call 612-625-3222 to schedule an appointment with a medical provider.


Are you interested in joining SHADE and volunteering as a peer resource? Everyone is welcome! We’d love to meet you. We meet during spring and fall semesters at Boynton East Bank clinic in the Garden Room (N-101). Contact us at

Location & Office Hours

East Bank Clinic
Room 208
410 Church St S.E.
Office Hours
No office hours during summer

Meet Your Coordinator Team

Mabel Adams
First year
Andie Alton
Wendy Bao
Kyle Baumgart


Still have questions?

Contact us at or 612-625-5917.