Boynton Health's Recovery Navigator

Non-clinical form of Peer Recovery Support for people in recovery from substance use disorder or people who are questioning their relationship with substances.


Ongoing Support, Conversations With a Peer Who Understands

University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff can meet with Boynton Health's trained Recovery Navigator at no cost and in a confidential setting. Recovery Navigation happens in a peer-to-peer context where you can talk to someone who will meet you wherever you’re at. Is your relationship with alcohol and drugs beginning to concern you or the people in your life? Boynton Health's Recovery Navigator can provide a non-judgmental space for you to explore what’s going on. Maybe you’ve tried this recovery thing and can’t really get into it. Our Recovery Navigator can help you break it down and find out what works and what doesn’t. If you’re a person in long-term recovery, our Recovery Navigator can help you increase your support on campus, build your resilience, and celebrate your recovery. In every case, you’re able to have a conversation with someone who has been through addiction and recovery and who will walk the path alongside you. People are encouraged, but not required, to attend three or more sessions.

What is Peer Recovery Support?

  • Designed and delivered by people who have experienced both substance use disorder and recovery
  • Delivered by peers who have been successful in the recovery process
  • Embody a powerful message of hope, as well as a wealth of experiential knowledge
  • Can effectively extend the reach of treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment of those seeking to achieve or sustain recovery  


Boynton Health's Recovery Navigation is

  • Voluntary

  • Equally Shared Power

  • Strengths-focused

  • Transparent

  • Person-driven/Self-Directed

  • Adaptable

Boynton Health's Recovery Navigator  Appointments Online, or In-person

Recovery Navigator sessions are available in person at Boynton Health in room N-207 or online via Zoom meetings Monday through Friday.

About the Boynton Health's Recovery Navigator 

Hello, my name is Sam Worthington. I am a person in long-term recovery and what that means to me is that I make an effort every day to take care of my physical, emotional, social and spiritual health, while seeking honesty and connection with the people around me, so that I may be free from drugs and alcohol. I’m also a Recovery Navigator at Boynton Health and I’m super excited to be here. I entered recovery as a college freshman in 2014. It was tough, and I had some roadblocks, but it was totally worth it. I truly believe in the power of recovery to bring purpose, energy and new perspectives to people’s lives. In 2018, I co-founded and led ROC (Recovery on Campus), a student group at UMN which supports our recovery community. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in English Literature in 2020. A few things I like to do include listening to music, playing music, reading, exercising, watching sports, and talking with friends. I have completed Boynton Health's Recovery Navigator  training through Minnesota Recovery Corps. If you have questions about recovery navigation, please contact me by email:, or by phone: 612-301-3230