Volunteer with Your Therapy Animal

Are you interested in volunteering with your therapy animal for PAWS?

Volunteer with Your Pet for PAWS

Currently, there are close to 100 different registered human-animal teams who volunteer their time at Boynton Health's PAWS, and the program is always open to new teams joining the fun! All species are welcome to join PAWS as long as the team is registered with Pet Partners, TDI, ITA, or Alliance of Therapy Dogs (or you are in the process of training and working toward registration).

To learn more, you are invited to attend an informational overview and training about the PAWS program. These sessions are held “on demand” at various times during the year, and typically via Zoom. Please RSVP for this training at z.umn.edu/PAWSRSVP and additional details regarding parking and location on campus will be sent to you before we meet.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with others who might be interested, and please don't hesitate to contact Tanya with questions at [email protected]