New Student Orientation

Welcome new students! Boynton Health has been taking care of the University of Minnesota community for more than 100 years. Let us take care of you too.

Taking Care of U

Here at Boynton Health, we’re committed to empowering you to take your health into your own hands. Let us be your first call when you’re not feeling well. 

We know it can be intimidating to schedule an appointment for the first time, but we're here to help. Call us at 612-625-3222 or log on to your MyBoynton patient portal

Comprehensive Care

With more than 100 healthcare providers from a dozen clinics, you can think of Boynton as your one-stop shop for comprehensive health care services.


 Boynton Health East Bank

 Boynton Health St. Paul

After Hours Care When Boynton is Closed

Boynton is closed evenings and weekends. For a listing of nearby health care options, see after hours care.

MyBoynton Patient Portal

Use the MyBoynton patient portal to manage your health care.

  • Schedule some types of appointments (currently unavailable)
  • Message your Boynton care team
  • View and update your personal information: preferred name, pronouns, and gender identity
  • View referrals, and records including medications, allergies, lab reports and radiology results

Health Insurance and the Student Services Fee

The University of Minnesota requires students to have health insurance. If you do not have insurance, you may be able to get it from the Office of Student Health Benefits.

Most students who pay the student services fee receive care at Boynton at little to no cost after we bill their health insurance.

Immunization Requirements and Registration Holds

The University of Minnesota has an immunization requirement that all students are required to complete. Fill out this immunizations form now to avoid getting a registration hold later.


New Student Orientation Videos

Watch the new student orientation videos below.

Welcome to Boynton Health videos

Boynton Health new student orientation video 1: Welcome to Boynton Health


Student Health Insurance Video

Boynton Health new student orientation video 2: Health Insurance.


Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, do you have questions about your students' care at Boynton? See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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What should my student do if they get sick while on campus?

There is no need to wait to bring them home to the family doctor — tell them to contact Boynton Health. At this time, it is best to make an appointment by calling 612-625-3222. For urgent health concerns, call our 24-hour nurse line for advice at 612-625-7900.

How does the student services fee work?

The Student Services Fee is automatically charged to students who are taking 6 or more credits on-campus in a degree-seeking program. It covers several university services, including access to Boynton Health. As a result, students paying this fee receive most services at Boynton with no out-of-pocket cost. Learn more about how the Student Services Fee works with a variety of insurance plans.

My insurance listsBoynton as an out-of-network provider. Can my student still still be seen there?

Yes! Here’s how it works: After receiving care at Boynton, we will bill your insurance for that service. Then, your insurance will reimburse at the out-of-network rate. The remaining balance, in most cases, will be picked up by the Student Services Fee and you won’t receive a bill — Boynton has you covered!

That all sounds great, but what's not included?

Generally, the student services fee does not cover items taken out of the clinic, such as eyeglasses, contacts, and medical equipment. Pharmacy, dental procedures and some vaccinations are billed to insurance, but the Student Services Fee does not cover the remainder of these particular services.

Will students be treating my student?

Our providers are accredited medical professionals who specialize in the unique needs of college students. We are not a teaching facility. Occasionally, students may be observing a visit or qualified to see patients, but this is a very unique situation.

Still have questions?

Contact us at [email protected] or 612-625-8400.