Seth Christman, PhD, LP

Seth Christman
BS, Psychology, University of North Dakota
MEd, College Student Personnel, University of Maryland - College Park
PhD, Counseling Psychology, University of Miami
About Me

I started this roller coaster of life on a cattle ranch in the western Dakotas. Growing up in a small town, and moving on to college (then graduate school and work on the east coast), I learned so much about myself, cultural differences, and the challenges of adjustment, self-awareness, change, and acceptance. It was wise and caring student affairs professionals that supported me in my own college experience, and since then I’ve made a career of doing the same for other students ... working in student affairs, college counseling centers, and as a faculty member in counseling master’s programs.

With humanistic, interpersonal, and emotion-focused lenses, I see the relationship with students as a core element in helping and growth. We work together to build trust, identify goals, create a plan, and design a helpful therapy experience, frequently utilizing self-compassion, reflective practices, and strengths-based approaches.

Licensed Psychologist
Doctoral Internship at the University of Minnesota Student Counseling Services