Emily Price, PsyD, LP, Groups Coordinator

Emily Price
MA Clinical Psychology, Roosevelt University
PsyD Clinical Psychology, Roosevelt University
About Me

I build strong, collaborative, and trusting therapeutic relationships with my students by taking an authentic, warm, curious, validating, direct, accepting, and challenging stance. I foster students' awareness of the root of their distress, which often stems from how they relate to themselves and others. I work with students to identify how their patterns developed in the context of their families, communities, and systems of oppression in society. I examine with students how their patterns may hold them back from developing meaningful relationships and pursuing their values. I help students get unstuck by shifting towards healthier ways of relating to others and to their own thoughts, feelings, and identities. I integrate evidenced-based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy through a multicultural framework.

Licensed Psychologist
Advanced Therapy Externship at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Doctoral Internship at the University of St. Thomas
Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Hamline University