Chiung Wang, MS, LMFT

BA. Psychology and Spanish, University of Minnesota, Morris
MS. Community counseling, St. Cloud Stated University
About Me

I was born and raised in Taiwan until I was 12 years old.  My family moved to and lived in Argentina and South Africa.  I came to the University of Minnesota, Morris as an international student in 1993 and I have lived in Minnesota ever since.   From 2001 to 2017, I was working with adolescents and young adults as a therapist in Minneapolis high schools.  These young adults have taught me a lot about their experiences living in the US.  They have also shown me their resiliency and determination to overcome barriers that they confront every day.  I consider it is a privilege to work with people.  My approach to therapy is to identify and reinforce the strengths that you have already within you.  Sometimes, we all need help to empower our inner voices and promote self-acceptance.  Our work together will be collaborative and challenging.  But with deep compassion, I hope I can help you to gain new understanding about yourself and your life.