Dave Golden, BS, Director of Public Health and Communications

BS Augsburg College Education/Philosophy
About Me

I started my University career in 1984 with the Division of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health working on the Minnesota Heart Health Project. In 1989, I transitioned to Boynton Health, Health Education Department. Discovering the world of public health has been like continuous waves of new enlightenment. At first it was all about cardiovascular health with the heart disease prevention project; but, then on campus it was all about reducing the negative impact of unprotected sex (HIV in particular), alcohol use and tobacco use. Added to the list now is mental health, food insecurities, socio-ecological models, social determinants of health and social justice. Working at the University is an honor and an opportunity to help students be successful. I also love to spend time in a canoe in Ontario and northern Minnesota.

Active in the field of Public Health since 1985
Past President of the Minnesota Public Health Association
Member of American Public Health Association, Minnesota Public Health Association, American College Health Association
I have worked in the field of life guarding and water safety since 1972 and remain active teaching courses for back country trip leaders.