Chiara Mesia, LICSW, LISCW

Master of Social Work, University of Minnesota 2006
About Me

I am originally from Peru but I have called Minnesota my home since 2004. Spanish is my native language. I also speak English fluently.

I identify as a cis, straight, immigrant, Latina or Latinx woman of color.

I enjoy working with people on an individual basis focusing on offering empathy, support, promoting insight, and working collaboratively to achieve goals. I have a strengths-based, person-centered, compassionate approach, and I strive to understand people's experiences within their own unique context, while also working together on developing new ways to cope, processing difficult experiences, and developing a greater sense of self-compassion and empowerment. I also take into account larger community and social issues, and how they impact our experience.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
I am a clinical social worker. I enjoy working with individuals who are seeking relief from traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, and stress. I also enjoy working with international students, BIPOC individuals, and with those exploring how different systems of oppression impact their mental health and overall life experience.