Too Young for Back Pain

January 19, 2023

Many college students find themselves plagued with back and muscle pain. 

Many college students find themselves plagued with back and muscle pain. When juggling seemingly hundreds of priorities, we may not feel the need to fuel and aid our bodies the way we should. We must fit the books in our backpacks and wear shoes that make our legs ache because everyone else on campus also owns them. We sacrifice comfort for shortcuts we deem necessary and then wonder where our neck pain came from. Luckily, even with the schedule of the busiest students, we can squeeze in some time to take of ourselves. 

Blame The Books

While you can’t avoid sitting in lectures or hunkering down at the library for hours, you can take breaks to stretch and move each half hour to forty-five minutes. Keep an eye on your posture and correct it when you feel stiff. Finally, when scouring the library for a seat, aim for a high-back comfortable chair with a table at a comfortable height. 

The Backpack

Are you a victim of carrying your backpack with one strap? Old habits die hard; we get it. Next time you walk across campus, consider and rid yourself of the routine you’ve been toting since middle school. Clean out your backpack regularly, and don’t bring more books than you need. 

Ergonomic Adjustments

The dreaded neck hump. Investing in a laptop stand can work wonders for neck and shoulder pain. Don’t worry; makeshift stands composed of book stacks will also suffice. Elevating your tablet or laptop to eye level will elongate your neck and improve your posture. 

If muscle strain keeps you from living your best life, schedule a visit with Boynton Health’s Physical Therapy clinic. With appointments over Telehealth at East Bank, St. Paul, and RecWell, we’re here to take care of U.


Written by Gracie Kibort

Edited by Domonique Green

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