Billing FAQ

Below are answers to our patient accounting department's most frequently asked questions.

If you have questions about a bill, please call 612-624-6985.

Is my insurance taken at Boynton?

If you are a University of Minnesota student, we will take your insurance as long as there is a United States billing address.

Can I be seen at Boynton if I am a fee paying student, but do not currently have insurance?

You can be seen at Boynton, but you would be responsible for ALL charges and your student service fees would NOT apply.

How do I find out if a service is covered by my insurance?

You should contact your health insurance company.

What is an explanation of benefits or an explanation of payment?

An Explanation of Benefits (sometimes called an EOB, or an explanation of payment) is a statement that your insurance company sends that summarizes the costs of health care services you received. It shows how much your insurance company is paying to your health care provider; and, how much you may be responsible for paying. This is not a bill; but, you will receive a statement from Boynton if you do owe anything that is not covered by your paid student services fee.

What is the coverage for the HPV vaccine at Boynton?

Fee Schedule Effective September 1, 2019.
Coverage 9 to 26 years old 27 to 45 years old
Student Services Fee 100% with active insurance Not covered
Student Health Benefits Plan 100% 80%
Graduate Assistant Health Plan 100% 100%


Why is there a charge on my student account?

After two  statements have been sent and there is no payment, it is our policy to transfer the balance to your student account. You will see these charges on your student account as BHS Medical Charge Transfer. This policy is stated on our statements.

I gave my insurance information to One Stop. Why doesn’t Boynton have it?

One Stop is separate from Boynton and information entered at One Stop does not always cross over to Boynton.

I signed an authorization for my parents to see my account at One Stop. Why can’t Boynton talk to them?

One Stop is separate from Boynton and the release you sign there is only for your parents to be able to access your student account.

We need you sign a release of information form to be able to discuss billing/insurance issues with your parents/spouse/or any other person you designate.

You may drop off the form, mail the form or email the form through a secure email. You may also contact Patient Accounting at 612-624-6985 to receive the form.

Why did I receive a bill from Boynton?

You may have received a bill for one of the following reasons:

  1. We do not have your insurance information.
  2. After we have billed your insurance there may be a charge (or a portion of the cost) that your insurance did not cover and it is one of the several items that Student Services Fee (SSF) or Extended Coverage (EXT) does not cover.
  3. If we have your insurance and you do not have SSF or EXT you are responsible for any co-pays, deductibles and/or coinsurance.

How can I pay my Boynton bill?

You can mail in a check, or complete the credit card information on your statement and mail that in. Or you can drop off a payment at the Cashier’s Office on the 3rd floor. You can also call Patient Accounting at 612-624-6985 to pay with a credit card over the phone.

We do not have online bill payment available at this time.

Why am I asked to verify my contact information prior to every visit at Boynton?

This is our policy. We know that with students things can change more frequently and we need to have your current information (insurance, address, etc.) in order to be able to submit your charges to your insurance. Also, your billing address can only be changed at Boynton.

How do I handle a bill that I received from Quest Diagnostics, Inc.?

If you have paid the Student Services fee, you should contact Patient Accounting at 612-624-6985 and have the date of service and the invoice number ready. We will contact Quest and you should not receive another bill. If you do receive another bill, please contact Patient Accounting again.

If you have NOT paid the Student Services fee, the bill is your responsibility.

If Boynton refers me to another provider or facility will my Student Services Fee cover costs there?

No, the Student Services Fee is only applicable at Boynton. Any costs from other health care providers or facilities are your responsibility.