What’s stressing you out? Classes? Social life? Health concerns? Come meet with us. We’ll show you great ways to manage the stresses of student life. You can sign up for a free, confidential stress check-in. We are trained student helpers who know first-hand the stresses of college.


How to Contact Us
Kate Elwell, de-stress advisor

Stress Check-ins

Stress Check-ins are designed for all students - undergraduate, graduate and international students. Schedule a check-in to talk through stress in your life, come up with solutions, and connect with campus resources.

For the remainder of spring semester 2020, while classes continue through alternative instruction methods, Stress Check-ins will be held remotely via Zoom.

Stress Management Presentations

Are you a part of a student group that may be interested in having someone facilitate a presentation on stress management to the students in your organization? We can help! de-stress presents on stress management to various student groups on campus!

Our presentations include a variety of topics meant to help students reduce stress, such as time management, goal setting, self-care and student resources! Email if your group is interested!

In Crisis?

Call 911 if you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis. Find other mental health resources for urgent needs and ongoing mental health care options.