Boynton Health's de-stress

What’s stressing you out? Classes? Social life? Health concerns? Meet with us. We’ll talk through great ways to manage the stresses of student life. You can sign up for a free, confidential stress check-in via zoom. We are trained student helpers who know first-hand the stresses of college and grad school.


How to Contact Us

Apply to be a Peer Helper!

Boynton Health's de-stress is recruiting volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year! Graduate students from all field are welcome, and students with diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications open March 1 and close March 19.


Stress Check-ins

Stress Check-ins are designed for all students - undergraduate, graduate and international students. Schedule a check-in to talk through stress in your life, come up with solutions, and connect with campus resources.

Stress Check-ins are held remotely via Zoom.

Virtual Stress Management Presentations

Are you a part of a student group that may be interested in having someone facilitate a virtual presentation on stress management to the students in your organization? We can help! de-stress presents on stress management to various student groups on campus via zoom!

Our presentations include a variety of topics meant to help students reduce stress, such as time management, goal setting, self-care and student resources! Email if your group is interested!

In Crisis?

Call 911 if you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis. Find other mental health resources for urgent needs and ongoing mental health care options.