Credit Card Debt Counseling

Debt can happen to anyone. If you carry credit card debt, it is never too late to take control — especially if you're about to graduate and start making student loan payments.

Get Into Financial Health

Boynton Health offers free, confidential financial counseling through LSS Financial Counseling. Meet with a certified financial counselor to create an action plan to reduce interest rates, make one monthly payment, and develop good credit score outcomes through a debt management plan.

Get back into financial health with practical tips that will help you:

  • Make a spending plan to stay out of debt
  • Understand and plan for student loans
  • Plan for your future finances and credit rating
  • Prepare to purchase a home with long-term guidance



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Frequent questions

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Who provides the debt counseling?

LSS Financial Counseling is a nonprofit providing free debt counseling to University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff. Their debt management plans can help you restructure debt through lower interest rates and payments; and, avoid scams that cost you money and lower your credit rating.

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