COVID-19 Vaccination

As COVID-19 vaccines become available in limited quantities, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has released guidance on sub-prioritization of federally prioritized populations for vaccination.  Applying the MDH guidance and principles to the applicable University of Minnesota Twin Cities student, staff, and faculty populations, results in the following Phase 1a target populations on the Twin Cities campus.



The University of Minnesota was not allocated any vaccine this week for first doses. Therefore, no first dose clinics will be held on campus this week. Clinics will be held for those persons with existing second dose appointments.

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The University of Minnesota is preparing for widespread access to the vaccine for students, faculty, staff and U of M retirees. While vaccine allocation to the University varies week-to-week (i.e., limited to none), the state of Minnesota has multiple programs aimed at connecting Minnesotans with the vaccine. The state’s Vaccine Connector will help people find out when, where, and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine. To share your interest with the state of Minnesota, sign up here. Additionally, review information about MDH’s Community Vaccination Pilot Program. 

Current status on the Twin Cities campus:

  • Phase 1a assessment of target populations has been completed by the COVID-19 Vaccine Team and approved by the Campus Public Health Officer. 
  • The vaccine has been requested from state partners and the University is awaiting receipt of all or part of the vaccine required to vaccinate those in the Priority 1a category. 


Vaccine Availability

Multiple vaccines are expected to have Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by the beginning of 2021. However, availability of that vaccine to the general public is limited.

As outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health, which is coordinating the vaccination effort in Minnesota, COVID-19 vaccinations will take place over phases.

Currently in Phase 1, the state has set the priority to individuals working in health care settings and residents in long-term care facilities. University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students will be notified about when and how to schedule an appointment for vaccinations.

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Phase 1A Priority Levels

Woman Nurse in maroon Boynton Health t-shirt and PPE inserting syringe into a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine vial.

First Priority

  • Hospitals which include,
    • COVID-19 units
    • ICU, emergency departments
    • Designated COVID-19 urgent care clinics 
    • Emergency Medical Services personnel
  • COVID-19 testing personnel
  • COVID-19 vaccination personnel 
  • Long Term Care Facility personnel

Second Priority

  • Hospitals which include all personnel,
    • providing direct patient services
    • handling infectious materials
    • not included in Phase 1
  • Urgent care settings which include all personnel,
    • providing direct patient services
    • handling infectious materials and not included in Phase 1
  • Dialysis centers, which include all personnel providing direct patient services or handling infectious materials

Third Priority

  • All remaining healthcare workers not included in the first and second priority groups that are unable to telework, such as:
    • Hospital personnel
    • Ambulatory and outpatient settings
    • Dental clinics
    • Pharmacies
    • Public health clinics
    • Mental/behavioral health settings

individuals ages 65 years and older, and those working in early education through 12th-grade settings

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Frequently Asked Questions About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Making a safe and effective vaccine

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More details and information on the COVID-19 Vaccination is forthcoming on the Safe Campus webpage.