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Now offering, online, virtual telehealth appointments. please call 612-625-3222 to schedule an appointment.

In order to be eligible for a telehealth visit, the following criteria need to be met:

  • Access to an electronic device with video and microphone capabilities
  • To be physically located in the state of Minnesota at the time of the telehealth visit
  • The ability to conduct the telehealth visit in a private location
Boynton Health East Bank Clinic

How to Schedule an Appointment


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East Bank Clinic

410 Church St S.E.
Minneapolis, MN

Clinic Hours

M, T, W, F | 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Th | 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Earn up to 500 Wellbeing points with individual and group health coaching at Boynton Health. Virtual face-to-face health coaching is available to faculty and staff on the Crookston, Extension, Rochester, and Twin Cities Campus locations who are enrolled in Medica’s UPlan health insurance, and their covered spouses.

Learn Healthy Habits and Earn Wellbeing Points

Choose any combination of health areas—tobacco cessation, nutrition, physical activity, or stress management.

You earn 25 points for each health-coaching session you attend. You may attend up to ten sessions for 250 total points. You must schedule your sessions at least two weeks apart. The deadline to attend health coaching sessions is August 31, 2021.

Visit the Wellbeing Program to learn more about the program, and to log in to your Virgin Pulse account.

Tobacco Cessation Health Coaching

Thinking about quitting smoking? Want to explore your options for creating a quit plan? The Tobacco Cessation Health Coaching can help you create a customized quit plan that combines nicotine replacement therapy and counseling to increase your success.

Nutrition Health Coaching

Weight control, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and meal planning are just a few topics that fall into the nutrition coach's area of expertise. These sessions help you set goals as well as provide accountability and support for reaching and maintaining those goals.

Stress Management Coaching

Stress Management Coaching will help you check in on stress factors in your daily life. These short, specific sessions will give you the resources and skills you need to manage your stress.

Please complete this Stress Management pre-visit checklist and bring to your first appointment.

Physical Activity Health Coaching

The physical activity health coach is also a physical therapist who can help you create a physical activity goal, translate that into an action plan and introduce you to exercises and activities to help you meet and achieve those goals.

Group Health Coaching

Group health coaching is a great way to learn about a variety of health topics . Virtual sessions typically take place over the lunch hour, so drop in and bring your lunch. You will need to register (either ahead of time or when sessions occur) in order to earn points.

You earn 25 points for each session you attend, up to a total of ten sessions and 250 points.

Dates, times, Zoom meeting links, and topics are listed in the Group Health Coaching calendar.


Call our Nurse Line at 612-625-7900 if you do not know what type of clinic you need. Calls answered 24/7.

Health Coaching

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