Telehealth Appointments

Wondering what to expect at your telehealth appointment?

About Telehealth Appointments

  • You can schedule a telehealth appointment either on the MyBoynton Patient Portal or by calling 612-625-3222.
  • There are 3 forms you will need to complete before your appointment: the Telehealth Agreement, the Notice of Privacy Practices and the Patient Financial Responsibility form. Go to ‘Forms’ in the MyBoynton Patient Portal to complete.
  • On the day of the appointment, you will receive a secure message in your MyBoynton Patient Portal with instructions of what to do prior to your appointment, along with the Zoom link to connect to your appointment with your provider. Be sure you have Zoom installed and working prior to the appointment.
  • For Primary Care appointments only, expect to receive a phone call from nursing staff within an hour prior to your appointment. The nursing staff will collect information for your visit prior to the provider. Please answer this call!
  • At the time of your appointment, click on your Zoom link provided in the secure message. You will be connected to the Zoom meeting. If you arrive before your provider, you will see a message that the host has not yet started the meeting. Please wait for the provider to arrive. If you are waiting longer than 10 minutes, please call the number in the secure message to let them know you are waiting. (Primary Care/Specialty, Women's Health/Gynecology, Transgender clinics, and Physical Therapy: 612-625-3222; Mental Health: 612-624-1444.)